Segway Champions of Granada

I went on a Segway tour and now I really want one

Whether you are looking for an electric scooter to ride around your neighbourhood, or for an alternate means of transportation for commuting, electric scooters and hoverboards makes getting around so much fun!

I was relieved Segway’s are surprisingly easy to ride, as a first time Segway rider (after a bit of wobbling) got the hang of riding my Segway in under 5 minutes. It was a brilliant way to zip around the quiet back streets of Granada in beautiful Spain.

If you’re looking to purchase a Segway or Hoverboard, there are so many innovative designs to choose from you can even get nifty mini electric two-wheeler off-road vehicles (really!) – perfect for a beach safari!

Generally Segways work best in any level pedestrian environment such as a pavement or road. Don’t ride a Segway on any surface that is slippery, such as ice (including black ice, be aware!), snow, wet grass, oily or greasy areas, or wet floors (unless you’ve got an off-road model!). Don’t ride over loose items such as branches, pebbles, rocks, broken glass. ride a Segway at no more than 6km/h on footpaths and in pedestrian zones, but you can whizz along at up to 20km/h along cycle paths too.

The best thing to do is ‘try before you buy’ you can try out Segways by going on a Segway Safari, most big towns and cities have them – check us out in Granada – we’re hooked!

segway tour
Granada sightseeing on Segways