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VE Day: The End of World War II in Europe

VE Day is a national holiday in many countries. It commemorates the day the Allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

I Love Ohio

Ramsbury Walk: I❤ Ohio 4 miles / 1½-2 hours OS Explorer 157 (Marlborough/Savernake) During World War 2, Ramsbury and surrounding villages were home to the Screaming Eagles, the US 101st Airborne Division whose...

Lets Walk to Froxfield

Ramsbury Walks - Froxfield (Ramsbury Bridleway #18, Froxfield Bridleway #2) An old road from Ramsbury to Froxfield, this path starts by Ambrose Farm and heads south-east up the hill along the blackthorn hedge....

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