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trail camera

Trail Camera Hunt

Perfect for nature lovers, these smart little cameras are easy to use and great for capturing all sorts of wildlife activity outside your home day and night

Raspberry Jam Marlborough

Jamming in Marlborough We can all use computers - they’re all around us, in a myriad different gadgets - but most of us can’t program them. For those of us who fondly...

Ramsbury Crier Twitter Account Cloned

AI? Oyez! Navigating the Twitter Impersonation Policy Town Criers were historically a means of disseminating news and information and, like many of his fellow criers, the Town Crier of Ramsbury has taken...

Parental Guide for Screens and Children

Parental Survival Guide for Screens and Children If you haven’t done so yet, please take some time to look through current guidelines for screen and app use by children. E safety is...

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