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love worm farms

How to Start a Worm Farm

Handy Worm Farm information and care guide to happy healthy worms Worm farming, otherwise known as vermiculture (vermis from the Latin for worm) is the process...
raised beb no dig

DIY Raised Garden Beds

There is a lot of healthy discussion which surrounds the planning of vegetable garden beds: to dig or not to dig, that is the question! One...
composting masterclass

Composting Masterclass

Create Miracles in Your Soil - Become a Master of Composting with Our Step-by-Step Guide It's a crime against good gardening and the environment to burn...
Ramsbury Raven

Essential Garden Manuring

It's a big pile of poo... How to Get Manuring and Watering Vegetables Right Garden manuring in the kitchen garden is absolutly essential. Do not even...
raised beb no dig

Ultimate Soil Test

Good soil know-how and preparation makes or breaks a garden, here's how to make sure your soil passes the fertility test The starting point in getting...

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