Nice to meet you, Sharpie and Dhush

Midway Stores Under New Management

Midway Stores on Oxford Street has two proud new owners: Sharpie and Dhush.

We’ll certainly miss Peter’s and Veena’s cheer and chat, but we’ll all surely wish them a happy retirement after so many years running our village shop. Fortunately, they will not be going far and are staying in Ramsbury.

Sharpie and Dhush are both partners in Midway Stores. Dhush brings plenty of experience as owner of several other shops and even a petrol station!

Excitingly, opening hours are to be extended to 8am to 6pm – 7 days a week including Sundays.  Subject to licensing, it is hoped the shop could stay open later still, possibly 8pm!

Sharpie is still living in Swindon but hopes to move to Ramsbury shortly owing to the very early starts!