The Ramsbury Raven

Interesting Ramsbury Facts

Learn more about the amazing village of Ramsbury with these interesting facts that are guaranteed to tantalise your mind!

Ramsbury is unique!

We all know there’s something special about Ramsbury. But did you know we’re unique? There’s only one place called Ramsbury in the whole world – us! A search of gazetteers from Ordnance Survey through to the Getty Research Institute and the US Department of Defence confirms it – even the USA (whose towns and cities often have “borrowed” names) doesn’t have another Ramsbury.
(There is an estate on Nevis in the Caribbean called Ramsberry, but since that’s also the name of a fruit beer from our very own Brewery, we’re claiming it for Wiltshire too!)

Ramsbury can claim a Saint

We’re just a small village but we have our very OWN saint! He’s quite an important fellow too with visions and prophecies about the monarchy that all came true! You can read more about Saint Bertwald here.

You might find Buried Treasure

Planning a spot of gardening? Buried treasure has been discovered in Ramsbury! A Saxon silver ring was unearthed in a garden on Crowood Lane. The silver ring had a punched decoration. The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine (Volume 78), lists it under ‘uncertain date’ but describes it as ‘possibly Early Medieval’. Other finds from gardens in Ramsbury include medieval pottery and Romano-British coins. At an undisclosed location near Ramsbury, a Romano-British burial was discovered in 1881 with a pottery vase placed at the head of the skeleton.

Ramsbury’s got Saxon Stones

Ramsbury was founded by the Saxons. The Saxon Stones of Holy Cross Church Ramsbury were lost for several centuries after being included in the foundations of the medieval church. Rediscovered during Victorian reconstruction works and now displayed at the back of the north aisle. Probably dating from the 9th/10th century.


Ramsbury is first mentioned in 947 as Rammesburi, ‘Raven’s burh’. The 1086 Domesday Book records 10 corn mills, 90 hides of land (approx 11,000 acres), 54 plough teams and a population of between 680 and 740 – we were quite important!

Ramsby children are baptised in a plant pot

At some point in history, the beautiful stone font found its way to the gardens of Ramsbury Manor where it was used as a planter for several hundred years. During the Victorian restoration of the church, it was identified and relocated. Note the pineapple decoration on the outside and the fish carved around the plug hole at the base of the interior.

What is the most expensive house in Britain? Why it’s Ramsbury Manor, of course!

Ramsbury Manor was stated by the 1966 Guinness Book of Records to have been the “most expensive” house in Britain, bought by an American property dealer in May 1965 for £275,000 (today for the same price, you could get a nice 2 bedroom home in Isles Court, Ramsbury!).

Ramsbury Manor along with his entire collection of art and vintage cars was gifted to the nation by Mr Harry Hyams. In 2006 the residence was also the scene of the biggest ever private burglary in England – with an estimated £60million in art and antiques stolen by an organised criminal gang.