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Charities, Groups and Organisations in Ramsbury Village

Ramsbury has so many different facets that there is truly something for everyone to enjoy, observe or get involved with. We are very fortunate to have a number of wonderful buildings, old and new, around which the community can thrive. Our ancient heritage and beautiful landscapes attracts visitors whilst our Schools and Churches cater for locals: the Memorial Hall and of course our wonderful café and pubs allow friends, family and strangers to meet and enjoy the atmosphere. We have an thriving local economy, excellent transport links, fine public services, and compared to many, are fairly affluent… But it is in the people who dedicate time and effort to the diverse groups, organised or occasional, formal or irregular, that Ramsbury excels. The rich history of its inhabitants nurtures a deep affection for our village, and these pages attempt to invite everyone to participate in today’s Ramsbury, whatever your interest or moment in life – and if you cannot find it, please help our village to evolve – your help will be invaluable!Ramsbury Charities

Ramsbury Pre-School

Support and maintenance of Ramsbury Pre-School Ramsbury. The Ramsbury Pre-School Charity aims to support the running of a Preschool for 2 and 4 year olds. Registered Charity no. 1055350 , Oxford Street, Ramsbury, Marlborough, SN8 2PG

Friends Of Holy Cross Church Ramsbury

A charity for the preservation and upkeep of Holy Cross church in Ramsbury. For over 700 years, Holy Cross Church has stood at the heart of Ramsbury, the community it serves. Its history and that of the town are inextricably linked. The Friend’s task is to ensure that this ancient building, both a place of worship, and a landmark of historical and architectural importance and beauty, is preserved for future generations. The Friends Of Holy Cross Church Ramsbury raises funds towards the cost of any repairs or restoration required to the fabric or structure of the parish church. The Friends aim to support Holy Cross Ramsbury by organising and encouraging volunteers and fundraising to carry out repairs and maintenance to the church and churchyard. Become a Friend of Holy Cross Church Annual Subscription Individual £12, Joint £20, Life member £500. Send your name, address, email and Gift Aid permission (Cheques to be made payable to ‘Friends of Holy Cross’) c/o Church Room, Back Lane, Ramsbury Wiltshire SN8 2QH , 01672 520871 or 27 Oxford Street, Ramsbury, Marlborough, SN8 2PS

Ramsbury Luncheon Club

The Ramsbury Luncheon Club Charity aims to provide a nourishing lunch, in a friendly atmosphere, to those who may not otherwise see many people. Registered Charity 1048831 , 01672 520630. 23 Ashley Piece, Ramsbury, Marlborough, SN8 2QE

Ramsbury Memorial Hall

Ramsbury Memorial Hall Charity for the maintenance of Ramsbury Memorial Hall. The Ramsbury Memorial Hall charity provides and maintains a village hall for the use of the inhabitants of the Parish of Ramsbury without distinction of political, religious or other opinions, including use for meetings, lectures and classes, and for other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation, with the objects of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants. Registered Charity no. 272112 , 01672 520568 Function Room in the High Street Ramsbury.

The Ramsbury School Development Trust

Ramsbury School Development Trust Charity is for the provision of education at Ramsbury Primary School. The Ramsbury School Development Trust supports raising funds for and making grants to support the provision of education at Ramsbury Primary School in Ramsbury, Wiltshire. Registered Charity 1067236 , 01672520244 Ramsbury Primary School, Back Lane Ramsbury Marlborough SN8 2QH

Ramsbury Meals On Wheels

Ramsbury Meals On Wheels Charity supporting the elderly. Ramsbury Meals On Wheels provides meals on wheels to the sick or elderly within Ramsbury and Axford in Wiltshire. Registered Charity 1067180 , 01672 520466 25A High Street, Ramsbury, Marlborough, SN8 2QN

Ramsbury Flyer

Ramsbury Flyer Charity is a community transport service. Private hire is also available. The award winning community transport service aims to offer extra transport to the residents of Ramsbury, and local villages, complimenting the public transport available, and providing a community service.  The flyer are always looking for volunteers to assist with driving and cleaning the minibus. Registered Charity 1156281 , 01672520682

Ramsbury Recreation Centre

The Ramsbury Recreation Centre is a charity for the Community Sporting Facility: The Ramsbury Burdett Fisher Recreation Centre – a sports facility on the edge of the village. Home of Ramsbury Football Club, Ramsbury Tennis Club, Ramsbury Cricket Club and The Bowles Club. Registered Charity 276739. , 01672 520871 Hilldrop Lane, Ramsbury Marlborough SN8 2RB

ATE – Action Through Enterprise

ATE Charity Overseas Aid Action Through Enterprise (ATE) Is a small but growing, dynamic charity. It is one of the only charities working with communities in Lawra District, in a remote corner of Upper West Ghana. Their mission is to reduce poverty in Upper West Ghana through education, enterprise and social change. Registered Charity No: 1149988 , UK: +44 (0) 7909091920 / Ghana: +233 (0) 205096289 14 Swans Close, Ramsbury, Wiltshire, SN8 2PHARK –

Action For River Kennet

ARK Charity supports the River Kennet. Action for the River Kennet is a charitable organisation providing ‘Trout in schools’ and weekend environmental activities for families. Action for the River Kennet (ARK) is a membership organisation, membership is open to include local people, tourists and visitors who just enjoy the beauty of the Kennet and who want to see an unique and valuable chalk stream protected. ARK are members of The Rivers Trust, and a registered Charity – no: 11207525 , 01672 512700 1st

Ramsbury Scout Group

Ramsbury Scouts (including Beavers) is a charity for families supporting the development of young people. The Ramsbury Beavers, Cubs and Scout groups are based at the Scout Hut on Hilldrop Lane. 1st Ramsbury Scout Group is part of North East Wiltshire District Scouts under the umbrella of Wiltshire County Scouts. Ramsbury Scouting helps our young improve their key skills, including social skills, teamwork ability, leadership ability and confidence.  They offer a varied and exciting programme to offer a unique adventure that’s full of surprises. Registered Charity (number 305936). Scout Hut: Hilldrop Lane, Ramsbury.

Hill’s Stores Charity Shop

The Charity Shop Ramsbury is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Come and grab a bargain! The Charity Shop in Ramsbury is staffed by volunteers from the organisations which benefit from the proceeds of the sale of items. The Ramsbury Charity Shop sells books, glass, china, kitchen goods, toys, garden equipment almost anything except clothes. Donations are always wanted and can be left at the shop during opening hours. Volunteers are most welcome, please enquire at the shop. Ramsbury Charity Shop Opening Hours Tuesday 10am – 12.30 2pm –  4.30pm. Wednesday 10am – 12.30. Thursday 10am – 12.30. 2pm – 4.30pm. Saturday 10am – 12.30 1 High Street Ramsbury SN8 2PB