Horticultural Shows in Ramsbury

***Summer Show 3 August 2019***

Ramsbury Horticultural Society

Horticultural Shows in Ramsbury

Ramsbury Horticultural Society holds three shows a year, in the Memorial Hall, usually in April, August and October. It is a friendly society and the main purpose is to provide the opportunity for growers at all levels to participate. The shows often involve those who have been competing for many years at a high level, as well as those displaying exhibits for the first time. As a result, the atmosphere is welcoming, and there is always someone on hand to help with the finer points of displaying the exhibits.

The Ramsbury Horticultural Society is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society but it is very much a village group, run by and for its members. Events are friendly and informal and non members are always welcome to attend talks and come on the outings. Membership is £8 for a family or £5 for an individual (£4 if retired).

Classes include Floral, Floral Art, Domestic, Handicraft, Vegetables, Fruit, Novelty and Children’s Classes.