Homemade Snow Ice cream

How to Make Snow Ice cream

You’ve sledged in it, made it into snowballs, sculpted it into snowmen – now for one last rush of creativity before the snow all melts and we have to go back to work on Monday.

Get a bowl of fresh, clean snow – no bits of grass or leaves, no footprints, definitely no yellow snow!  Pour in a tin of condensed milk and stir gently, trying to keep the mixture as light and fluffy as possible.  Add more snow if necessary and then a few drops of vanilla essence. Stir again and serve in cones, stick in a flake and dream of summer!

Depending on your ratio of snow to condensed milk, your ice cream will be somewhere on a scale between sorbet (water ice), gelato (in between) or ice cream (more milk).  We guarantee you’ll never have tasted anything like it!