Encroaching Cronuts

We check out the latest patisserie sensation

In exciting foodie news, the UK’s first official Cronut bakery has now opened.  Dangerously, it’s in Pimlico so (just) within commuting distance of Ramsbury.

If you’re not yet a fan of the Cronut, prepare to be amazed.  This flaky, hybridised croissant-doughnut pastry was invented (like so many good things) in New York and took almost no time to reach legendary status.  Queues regularly snake for several blocks outside the bakery in all weathers, and reportedly from as early as 5.30am for an 8 o’clock opening.

Cronuts, as spotted (briefly) in Ramsbury High Street

The recipe is top secret but the baking process requires the pastry to be fried, sugared, filled and glazed. It’s seriously good, in a seriously bad way.

If you can’t get to SW1 to join the queues, you could always ask Santa for a copy of “The Secret Recipes” where Cronut creator Dominique Ansel divulges a DIY recipe. The Raven was privileged to sample the real thing this week and can report we don’t need to eat for a week.  Nor would we want to, at least not until our enormous grins of gustatory bliss have faded.