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Ancient Rights of Way are a Jewel in the Nations crown

Wiltshire is jam packed with public rights of way.  Unlike in some counties such as Devon, many of Wiltshire’s historic tracks have not been adopted as modern highways and so are generally safe and pleasant for non-motor traffic.

In England & Wales, rights of way can be:

– Footpaths: for pedestrian traffic only, although bicycles can usually be wheeled and horses can be led

– Bridleways: as for footpaths and also for use by cyclists or horse-riders – and sometime includes a right to drive animals! NB cyclists must give way to other users.

– Byways: as for bridleways and also for use by non- mechanically-propelled vehicles e.g. horse-drawn carriages.  Byways come in three classes: Byways Open to All Traffic – BOATs, Roads Used as Public Paths – RUPPs, and Restricted Byways – RBs.  There are technical differences between the three, and some byways include a right to drive motor vehicles.

As befits its historic importance, Ramsbury sits at the centre of a network of ancient rights of way which connect it to neighbouring towns and villages.  These make for interesting and scenic longer walks, while there are also plenty of shorter “circular” routes in and around the village.


Ramsbury Boundary Walk

Beating the Bounds in Ramsbury 50th Anniversary - Sunday 5th May 2019 The annual Boundary Walk is Ramsbury and Axford’s modern version of the ancient parish...

I Love Ohio

Ramsbury Walk: I❤ Ohio 4 miles / 1½-2 hours OS Explorer 157 (Marlborough/Savernake) During World War 2, Ramsbury and surrounding villages were home to the Screaming...

Local Ramsbury Walks

Ramsbury Walks - Keeping it local Many rights of way take full advantage of our beautiful outstanding natural beauty landscape and surroundings and are a great...

Spring Hill

Ramsbury Walk - Spring Hill a View to Remember Another great view over the Kennet Valley – indeed, perhaps the best view of all –...

Kennet Valley Walk

Ramsbury Walk - The High Road to the Kennet Valley On a sunny autumn afternoon, the views north across the Kennet from the scarp slopes...

Sound Bottom Walk

Ramsbury Walks - School Drove / Sound Bottom (Ramsbury Bridleway #8A/Byway #35) Until well into the 18th century, Sound Bottom provided the main coaching route...