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Situated on the edge of Wiltshire and Berkshire, steeped in history, Ramsbury Raven was inspired by a small English village that was once a Saxon metropolis known as ‘Rammesburi\’ or \’Raven\’s burh\’’ or RAMSBURY. This pretty little place can be found on the old west road from London to Bath. One of our favourite things to do in Ramsbury was going for walks in the countryside. We documented many of them and you can check all our recommended walks here.

Ramsbury the Village

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Ramsbury Walks

Spring Hill

Ramsbury Walk - Spring Hill a View to Remember Another great view over the Kennet Valley – indeed, perhaps the best view of all – is looking north from Spring Hill over to Ramsbury. Spring Hill is named for the springs of water which still (occasionally) flow out of the...

Sound Bottom Walk

Ramsbury Walks - School Drove / Sound Bottom (Ramsbury Bridleway #8A/Byway #35) Until well into the 18th century, Sound Bottom provided the main coaching route west from London – presumably a better bet than the marshy Kennet Valley to the south. Even today, it’s a Byway Open to All Traffic,...

Kennet Bridges walk

Ramsbury Walks - The Delightful Kennet Bridges walk This pleasant route can be walked in either direction. There are pubs and parking at each end and plenty of bridges in between. From Axford, there are any number of possibilities to get going: Hopper’s Lane (R#45), Stone Lane, and Crooks Lane (R#9)...

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