Is Exercise Good For You?

Ramsbury Run

Dodgy knees, sore back, aching arms. Seriously, is exercise actually doing me any good?

It’s odd science that we can actually keep the small cells inside us alive longer if we hold very, very still – that’s right your cells will probably live longer if you don’t do anything hasty. But would that keep us healthy?

Well these little cells are designed to live a certain length of time before they hit their expiry date, and if not destroyed by your activity before that time, will die then anyway, so, if not removed from our system, our cells could become a source of disease. So any exercise, while it destroys the tissue which the cells form, movement also helps to carry them out of the system after they are dead and so creates a demand for new material for making new cells. This demand, well, it’s called hunger. It is far better that cells should be destroyed by exercise, and then removed from the body, while food supplies material for new cells, than that they should be left to live as long as they could, and die of old age, and then, because of inactivity of the body, be left to possibly obstruct the system in some way, or to create disease.

So I guess that’s the answer – you should do exercise while it will make you hungry, if you give your body cells wholesome food at right times and in the right quantities, and let them have a chance to build you over while you take plenty of sweet, refreshing sleep. Jog on!