Essential Garden Manuring

Ramsbury Raven

It’s a big pile of poo… How to Get Manuring and Watering Vegetables Right

Garden manuring in the kitchen garden is absolutly essential. Do not even attempt to grow vegetables without first manuring the soil. Flowers may bloom well on poor soil, but vegetables are different. If farmyard manure is obtainable, it well repays the expense and effort; it is indispensable for intensive and successful vegetable cultivation. Yields is always increased by the use of farmyard manure, and it pays for itself two or three times over. Dig in the manure during the autumn, especially on heavy land. Leave the earth as rough as possible all winter. Do not dig again in spring, but break up the lumps with a fork and rake well before planting.

Green Manuring vs Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers are compounds containing high concentration of nutrients required for plant growth. The disadvantage of chemical spreads is that they do not supply the soil with humus, or decayed vegetable matter, which helps to retain the moisture in the soil. This difficulty is overcome by sowing agricultural mustard seed on the ground made vacant by the removal of the crops in the autumn.

During winter the mustard covers the ground, preventing the growth of weeds and preventing the nitrates from being washed out of the soil. When the time comes for planting the land, the mustard is dug in and buried as deeply as possible.

Watering Vegetables

Water vegetables as little as possible. Water drawn straight from the tap can do more harm than good, as if its too cold and always gives the plants a shock. The best way is to fill a watering can and and let the water stand until it is of the same temperature as the air, or to take off the chill by the addition of a little hot water – or indeed vice-versa!

If the soil in hoed over once a week to check the evaporation of moisture, you will be surprised how moist the soil will be about two inches down. The gardener’s motto should be : “The Hoe is the Best Watering Pot.”

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