Bursting with handy hints and tips for home gardeners. We're not about being an encyclopaedia of gardening, nor do we attempt to cover every tree and every shrub, or dig deep into scientific gatherings of every flower (although we think science is really cool). We're not about being over technical nor dwell on obscure or exotic garden plants. The Raven is here to bring garden ideas for those people who want to make their small home plot a thing of beauty and pride.

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How to Grow Roses for Beautiful Summer Gardens

The old French saying il n'y a pas de rose sans ├ępine (No rose without a thorn) couldn't be more true when...

It is a practical statement of the fundamentals of home gardening; we’re besotted to the vegetables, flowers, and shrubs which make up our home garden interests. We’re devoted to help you growing better vegetables, and lovelier and more satisfying flowers; and to set out, in detail, the needs of the crops which our kitchen gardens provide. I hope that what you discover on The Raven will contribute something to a greater appreciation, satisfaction and beauty which home gardening can give.

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