Homemade Ginger Biscuits

ginger biscuit recipe
How to make ginger biscuits

Easy Ginger Biscuits Recipe

Gorgeous ginger biscuits made with ground ginger and golden syrup. Ginger biscuits are one of the nations favourite biscuits – we have been eating them for centuries! This traditional British recipe makes the perfect partner to a nice hot cup of tea as once cooled after cooking, they become super-hard, so the perfect tea-dunking biscuit.

To add additional ‘ginger zing’ try adding another 1/2 teaspoonful of fresh ground ginger.

This is also a suitable recipe to swap the wheat flour for almond flour to make it gluten-free.

Time : 15 to 20 minutes

½ lb. flour
a pinch of salt
2 oz. butter
½ teaspoonful ground ginger
2 tablespoonful’s of golden syrup.

Ginger Biscuits Recipe – Rub the butter well into the sifted flour, salt, and ground ginger, adding sufficient golden syrup to form a stiff paste. Roll the mixture to about a quarter of an inch thick on the floured board, cut into rounds, and cook on a greased baking sheet in a moderate oven until well browned.

Time to put the kettle on!