Damson Fruit Cheese Recipe

Damson cheese is a very old recipe and not one you’ll come across very often. It is the perfect accompaniment to roast meats such as pork and duck, or the cheeseboard. It isn’t a cheese in the dairy sense but a thick fruity paste; from back in the days when the term ‘cheese’ was used more loosely.



How to make Damson Cheese: Select good, well-ripened fruit; wash, drain, place in preserving pan, and three-parts cover with cold water. Bring to boil, then keep it simmering until quite soft. Turn out on to a hair sieve and rub the pulp through, weigh it, and put into a clean pan. Stir in an equal amount of sugar, and stir until dissolved. Place the pan over gentle heat and boil gently for about 1 hour, stirring all the time to prevent burning. Pot up into small jars or saucers, or into fancy moulds. Smear the inside with a little glycerine before filling, so as to ensure quick, smooth turning out when required to be served in a shallow glass dish. These cheeses stiffen with keeping, if covered closely and stored in a dry, cool cupboard.

Gooseberries and black currants lend themselves to making excellent fruit cheeses.

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