Brandy Snaps

Brandy Snaps Recipe

This is a traditional English recipe for these yummy treats. Brandy snaps don’t actually contain any brandy but do contain a lot of sugar which means they can easily burn.

Time : 10 minutes.

Brandy Snaps Ingredients:

¼ lb. butter

¼ lb. castor sugar

1/4 lb. flour

¼ lb. golden syrup

½ teaspoonful ground ginger

a few drops vanilla essence.

These delicious biscuits never lose their popularity.

Allow the butter, sugar, and syrup to melt gently in a saucepan, then remove the saucepan from the stove, and gradually mix in the flour. Now add the ground ginger, and a few drops of vanilla. Pour a small quantity of the mixture into the center of one or two well-greased tins, and bake in a moderate oven.

When the snaps are ready, lift them from the tins with a palette knife, twist them round molds, or any round tubular or conical object, while they are still pliable and leave them until cool.