Black Elderberry Vinegar

elderberry vinegar recipe
Salad Warmers: Tangy Elderberry Vinegar Recipe

How to Make Elderberry Vinegar to Warm Up Salads, Stews and Winter Strength

The fruit of the common black elderberry (Sambucus) has always been popular for pies, jellies, juice, and homemade Wine. This is an old delicious variation to Wine Vinegar. It’s awesome for spicing up an autumn salad and Elderberry vinegar weakly diluted with water makes a refreshing drink when you have a high temperature and in a stronger solution is an excellent gargle for a sore throat.


fresh elderberries
Enough cider vinegar to cover the berries


Pick the berries, check over for any bugs and remove the stalks and leaves. Using a fork makes it easy to separate the small fiddly elderberries from their stalks. Pack as many of the berries as possible into an earthenware jar and pour the vinegar over to submerge them. Seal the jar and store in a warm place for 8 days. Shake the jar occasionally during this time. Strain the berries through a sieve lined with muslin and keep in a well-stoppered bottle. You can use the discarded pickled berries in stews or salad.

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