Every delightful recipe we have provided for you here will be found to describe something that can be sold, at school fairs, shared with family, and later to friends who will hear of your skill at home-made delicacies. Baking is a very pleasant occupation can be helpful to others, and gradually as you get better with practice more elaborate and more interesting recipes can be mastered.

elderflower cordial recipe

Elderflower and Lime Cordial Recipe

This is an amazingly refreshing summer drink, especially when mixed with a bit of fizzy water - and the main ingredient is...
How to make banana bread

How to Make Banana Bread

Everyone loves banana bread and it's probably a thing at the moment because the global lockdown banana-bread craze makes perfect sense when...
jam and jelly making

Delicious Rhubarb Jam Recipes

Spread the love! Traditional rhubarb jam recipes for all. Firstly for the best flavours and care of your rhubarb...
chocolate biscuit

Chocolate Biscuits

Simple wholesome chocolate biscuits recipe Try this basic recipe for fail-safe chocolate biscuits every time. Make a batch of...
cherry jam recipe

Easy Cherry Jam

How to make traditional cherry jam, this really is the easiest recipe you'll find anywhere Delicious super easy homemade...
easy macaroon recipe

Marvellous Recipe for Macaroons

Macarons are not to be confused with macaroons! Macaroons are small and slapdash coconut or almond stacks, sometimes dipped in chocolate. Macarons...
apricot jam recipe

Apricot Jam Recipe Discovery

I found this lovely simple recipe for apricot jam within the pages of an old book pages. It feels like making a...
how to make pesto

How To Make The BEST Pesto

Recipe for making a super tasty pesto sauce Ingredients for making the best pesto ever:1 - 2 cloves...
war time cakes and scone recipes

War Time Cakes and Scones

AN EXCELLENT CAKE FOR THE TROOPS(It needs no eggs and makes a good-sized cake) 6 oz. margarine.6 oz....

Home Kitchen

Try making these inviting little home-made confectionery goodies of attractive and delicious cakes, jams, preserves, and bottled fruits. You’ll be happy knowing all our recipes are suitable for beginners, who, with the help of these good recipes and a little ingenuity, are able to enjoy cooking, and, at the same time, help others be it at a bake sale or as gifts to friends and family.

All the recipes are simple, and can be made successfully by even the most inexperienced cook. Two important tips, however, you  should keep in mind:

Top Baking Tips

(1) Always weigh out the correct proportions, as given. (The quantities can of course, be varied according to the number or size of the cake, biscuits, or whatever it is, that is required.) Do not try to guess amounts, as a small error of judgment may mean the difference between success and failure, and the results of the recipes given cannot be guaranteed if the instructions are not properly followed.
(2) Much better results are obtained if the flour or sugar used in the recipes is always sifted, to make sure that it is free from all lumps. It is better to go to this small extra amount of trouble than to be disappointed.