Kramsbury! Krampus Sighting in Ramsbury

You better not shout; you better not cry – local children warned to be very, VERY good after local Krampus sighting

3 December

Is the Krampus Legend true? Reports are coming in that Krampuses have been spotted in the normally peaceful Wiltshire village of Ramsbury. These terrifying demonic beings originate in Alpine Europe and traditionally accompany kindly old Saint Nicholas on his rounds on 5 December.  Once a year, St Nick, sometime Bishop of Myra, rewards good children with gifts of sweets and fruit, while the Krampuses scoop up bad children into baskets and take them away to their lairs.

Scientists have speculated that climate change may be driving Krampuses to seek colder, more northerly climes, possibly stowing away on lorries bringing in Christmas trees from Europe.  The Daily Mail, meanwhile, is more concerned that Krampuses are European and are probably over here trying to claim benefits.  The driver of the lorry delivering Christmas trees to the Ramsbury School Xmas Fayre today was at pains to point out that all his trees come from Norfolk and are British grown.

A terrified motorist captured these pictures of a Krampus on the road near the Ducks Bridge.

A local dog walker cornered the beast after his dog bolted in fright.


Until the beasts have been captured or have moved on from the area, local children have been warned to behave especially angelically for the next few days, and parents of badly behaved children are advised to keep their little brats under control.  Or pray for a cold snap.