Happier Marriage

Simple Secret to a Happier Marriage?

It may be going too far to suggest that journos simply make it up as they go along, but no sooner had the Daily Telegraph reported last month that childless couples enjoyed happier marriages than parents, than the very next day it was proclaiming that mothers are the happiest people in Britain.  Although each of those statements seems credible in isolation, the logic of reconciling them is way beyond us – perhaps we’ve just fallen for DT clickbait

More intriguing was the claim, tucked away in the second report, that a cup of tea is a bigger turn-on than sex.  I’ve always thought that tea is hot stuff but, according to the Open University, a nice cuppa is the secret to a strong relationship.  And, according to women at least, it far outranks physical intimacy in the romance stakes.  Any man who makes his partner a cup of tea or breakfast in bed is building stronger, longer-lasting emotional bonds than his fellows who resort to flowers or expensive gifts.

It seems to be the little things that make people feel loved and appreciated, even all those blissed-up mothers with so many other calls on their time and affection.  

It seems that nothing says “I love you” more than making your beloved a cup of tea.  Except, perhaps, them saying “thank you”.