Ramsbury to grow sunflowers

Ramsbury Grows Sunflowers!

Hi Neighbours and villagers of Ramsbury,

I’m sure many of us are dreaming of the warmer months to come as we approach the end of a bitterly cold winter. To brighten up summer this year, let’s see if we can flood Ramsbury with an array of sunflowers 🌻.

Now is the time to buy seeds. Sunflowers are really easy to grow, start them on a windowsill or in a greenhouse. When they are about 15 -20cm tall, and our gardens are frost free, they can be planted into the ground or in display pots. Be careful to water them initially to help the root structure to get firmly established in the ground. If we get a hot spell, they will need watering to keep them going. Over the summer months, a bit of plant food will help the plants to grow big and strong!

Plant them in the front of your homes, in the ground, or in pots. Let’s give our village a real boost with sightings of these bright yellow happy faces everywhere. After the past year, we certainly need something to make us smile 😊.

Should it be possible to hold a Street Fair in June, sunflowers, along with rainbows will be a feature. Our Parish Council will also be planting sunflowers near the planters we see on entry to the village. Select your sunflowers from the wide range available, my favourites are the little teddy bears. So choose from yellow ones, tall ones, bushy ones, orange and red ones etc. Whatever type you go for, they will give everyone the most marvelous display over the summer months and into autumn 🌻

By Karen

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