Ramsbury Manor National Art Gallery

Ramsbury Manor set to become art gallery and museum for the nation

Ramsbury Manor To Become National Art Gallery

Ramsbury could be in line for a major art gallery and museum under plans announced this week.

Harry Hyams, the reclusive millionaire owner of Ramsbury Manor who died last year, is reported to have left his entire collection of art and vintage cars, worth nearly £500 million, to the nation. 

Many important works, including Turners, Millets and Stubbs, have been on long-term loan to institutions around the UK but may in time be relocated to Ramsbury. 

Before his death, Mr Hyams set up the Capricorn Foundation to administer and display his collection and to open the Manor to the public.

Update 2020 Ramsbury Manor is unlikely to open for access by the general public or your local Ramsburian. Visitors to be restricted to conference delegates or to attend selective programs. Access to the grounds to the general public is still a possibility but no updates have been provided. The reasons given for the U-Turn regarding public access are structural limitations to the second floor of the building.

Update April 2019 Ramsbury Manor Opening times are not expected to be announced anytime soon, artworks are still to be cataloged and the Manor site and grounds upgraded for public access.

Planning permission for cottage conversion into site offices is in progress and it has been suggested in due course access will be given to the public for certain walking trails.

Interesting Ramsbury Fact: Ramsbury Manor was stated by the 1966 Guinness Book of Records to have been the “most expensive” house in Britain.

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