Xenophon Skyfarer

The peaks of the mountains stood out from the white fluffy clouds like islands in an angry sea. High above in the pastel blue sky, the sun shone down on the magnificent city. Xenophon Skyfarer, a tall warrior with a weary face, had come seeking the palace. After so many years of travelling, the beautiful sight filled his eyes but he still had many miles to go before he fulfilled his quest. His magical staff was in his left hand and he lightly tapped it on the ground. In a instant a bridge appeared. He walked across it, then with another light tapped from his staff the bridge disappeared. As he got near he could see the guards at the door. “Who goes there?” said the guard to Xenophon. “I am a tired traveller and I am a friend of the king,” said Xenophon in a sleepy voice. “Take him to the king!” said the guard.

As he went in, the door shut behind him. Up he went. Stone stairs led into the king’s palace. There stood the king. His name was Elventime. He disliked travellers in his city but, when Xenophon told him who he was, Elventime settled down. “Greetings, Xenophon! I have not seen you for a while – are you alright?” “Yes, thank you, Your Majesty, I am fine but tired,” replied Xenophon. “You shall get some rest now,” said Elventime. He clapped his hands and a maid led Xenophon to a bedchamber where he slept.

The next day, Xenophon woke and went to find Elventime waiting for him outside. “How was your journey?” asked Elventime with interest. “It was long, difficult and dangerous from start to finish, Sire! But I am here,” replied Xenophon. “Did you get lots of rest?” asked Elventime. “Yes, I did,” replied Xenophon. “The city is such a marvellous place,” he continued. “It is indeed!” answered Elventime. “Let’s have a feast!”

They went down the steps into the hall and there a magnificent feast was laid out. On the tables were beautiful steaks, bread and fish and lots of other delicious foods.

After the feast Xenophon told them the whole story and it went like this. “I had to get past the Trolls of Ucrust, slay the Goblins of Yustus, go up the Mountain of Terror, ride the Dangerous Dragon of Wellgust, all the way to the Dark Lord’s castle, down the Great River, over the mountains, across the bridge and made it here.” “

“And… do you have it?” asked the king. “Yes, Sire, I have it!” replied Xenophon. “Do you really have it? The one I’ve always wanted and could never find?” said Elventime in a exited voice. “Yes, Your Majesty, I have it in perfect condition,” replied Xenophon and handed over a small, brown package. “It is so magnificent,” said the king, opening the package and admiring the contents. “Yes, Sire. As requested: one double-cheese stuffed-crust pepperoni pizza!” exclaimed Xenophon.

By Josie (age 9 3/4)