Ramsbury Week – Thank you

From October 2016 cumulating in May 2017 it was all hands on deck organising the Ramsbury Week series of events, all happening in one mad week; Sportive Cycle Ride, Clay Shoot, Magical Concert, May Ball, Sponsored Walk and the Country Fair itself. Local celebrity, Bear Grylls also gave us a shout out for a small promo video for local school kids – like the kids needed it!

In the end over £400,000 was raised!!!!  I’m still pinching myself! …And while the garden, home and sanity may have taken a back seat, it was truly worth it – to work with a lovely bunch of people and build a new village pre-school was the most rewarding project many locals have been involved.

So a big shout out to the organisers of Ramsbury Week. When you think big, great things happen. Looking back at the marvellous achievement of a little village in Wiltshire – oh and all the wonderful people who got behind to support it!

The highlight of Ramsbury Week was most certainly the Ramsbury Country Fair – just take a peek at the event video. Thanks to the generosity of many, the Ramsbury Pre-school has been built and is due to open May 2019.