Ramsbury Week Read All About It!

Ramsbury’s Long History of Fairs

Ramsbury’s roots can be traced back to the Saxon era when the Bishopric of Ramsbury was formed in 909 AD.  The links with the Church, the Holy Cross, gave this village importance and it is no surprise that fetes and fairs have been staged here for centuries.

Ramsbury’s Spring Cattle Fair finally ceased in 1939 and the Michaelmas Fair in the 1950s.  In the 1970s the Eliot-Cohen family held a series of charity events called the ‘Sixpenny Fairs’ at Hilldrop.  Then there was an annual Carnival, which replaced the Fairs and survived until the 1990s but has in turn been replaced with a biennial Street Fair.

Now a group of local residents have come together to put on the Ramsbury Week which includes a Country and Game Fair, the Ramsbury Ball 2017 and a huge cycling event in conjunction with British Cycling. This amazing week is possibly the most ambitious charity project the village has ever hosted.