November Fest

Ramsbury Cricket Club – Novemberfest

Ramsbury Cricket Club’s inaugural Novemberfest was a rollicking success.  Sources close to the bar reported: “We drank beer and sang songs.”  Amid much swaying to both the left and the right, the crowd was kept entertained with a musical tour of Europe and an introduction to the finer points of standing up, sitting down, leaning forward and leaning back, all with a litre of beer in hand.  Some impressive stein-on-the-head balancing talents were on show, as were a worrying number of lederhosen and dirndls.  A BBQ of wurst and sauerkraut (always nicer than it sounds!) kept revellers fortified and big thanks to the bar staff who made sure no one ran dry.  Who knew that YMCA could sound so good to an oompah backing track?  Looking forward to next year already!