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Internationally renowned artist to move in next door by our April Arts Correspondent, Kanye Beleavit The Raven can exclusively reveal that plans for a major art foundation at Ramsbury Manor have been a front for a Banksy installation which will see derelict police vans in the Lake and giant pink flamingos on the lawn.  Operating with his usual caution and mystery,...
“Romesbury” - Ramsbury to twin with Rome In an attempt to maintain cultural and commercial links with Europe post-Brexit, Ramsbury Parish Council has announced it will seek a twinning arrangement with Rome. "Forget all that ‘Ravensbury’ nonsense,” said councillor Juba Leavitte. “It's quite clear that the name Ramsbury derives from ‘Romans-bury’ and you only have to look at Littlecote to see...
Is it right to promote corporate brands such as Fairtrade in schools, churches and even as 'Fairtrade towns'? It’s Fairtrade Fortnight and son’s school has set him homework of designing a poster promoting Fairtrade. Sounds innocent enough but I’m concerned by how Fairtrade is being depicted as unambiguously good and I’d expect better of the school and the government (the...
Axford News The sleepy parish of Ramsbury-with-Axford was waking up to the news today that Axford has officially served notice under Axticle 50 to start the process of going it alone.  In a notice sellotaped to the Tree in the Square, Axford declared its intentions to regain its sovereignty and seek a new place in the world.  Parish Councillors will now...

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