People from Ramsbury and beyond; from across the centauries. Includes famous actors, artists, politicians, entrepreneurs, sportspeople, religious people and eccentrics!

St Bertwald of Ramsbury

St Bertwald of Ramsbury

St Bertwald of Ramsbury – Our Very Own Saint! Monday 22 January marks the feast day of Ramsbury’s very own saint, St Bertwald, ninth Saxon Bishop of Ramsbury. Variously spelled Birthwald, Berhtwald, Birthwold etc, St Bertwald of Ramsbury is not the same as the earlier St Berhtwald of Canterbury (coincidentally ninth Archbishop in the 8th …

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Royal Visit to Ramsbury VIDEO

Prince Charles Arriving in Ramsbury Video Footage of Prince Charles’ arrival in Ramsbury by car, meeting the children of Ramsbury Primary School as well as chatting to some villagers. Enjoy ‘Hark The Herald Angles Sing’ performed by Ramsbury Primary School Orchestra.