Ramsbury Entered Best Kept Village 2019

Ramsbury Millennium Tapestry

Best Kept Village – The judges were out during May to look around Ramsbury – they were impressed!

On the wall of the village hall are all the medals that Ramsbury has won over the years for the Best Kept Village competition. Everyone I speak to tells me how proud they are to live in this special place. So why not pool our efforts together this year and win this competition?

The Ramsbury Scouts did a massive a clean up in early April, thank you Scouts for helping us! Everyone can help make a difference – just pick up any litter you see on the streets and walkways, keep the front of you home tidy and move bins inside once they have been emptied.

By mid April we’re well and truly on our way with our village tidy up. So many people have participated so far in helping to pick up litter – thank you all so much.
We must keep up momentum, please continue to pick up litter when you see it, if you can put a flowering pot plant outside your home, this will add to the character of our village.

Who says picking up litter doesn’t make a difference?

Of course it does! Whatever we pick up, no matter how small means that litter isn’t left on the footpath! Everything that is collected on our walks / runs around our village means there is a little less litter out there that makes our village untidy. It doesn’t take long and we have plenty of public bins around the village, so go on residents, help make a difference to our environment and keep our village tidy!

Late April sees our efforts to get Ramsbury ship shape go up a notch for the Best Kept Village competition in May. The 2 recycled tyres near the tennis courts are planted and being looked after by neighbours. Villagers are putting flowering plant pots outside their homes, next to post boxes and old phone boxes, in window boxes… and what a huge difference it all makes.

We continue to collect any unsightly litter that we see, thanks to all the kids helping us collect litter, we really appreciate it. Dog walkers are on their guard and collecting up presents left by others – thank you for doing that for our village!

Some of us have even started to clean the gutter in the roads outside our homes. If we all did the front of our houses, the roads would just look so much better. It doesn’t take long to tidy the road up a bit.

So let’s continue to make a difference. We all feel so privileged to live in Ramsbury, let’s keep it tidy and looking at its best. May is judging month!

Words adapted from Karen Rees