METRO Ramsbury Vs Kensington Feature


METRO Town & Country weighs up a move to Kensington Olympia or Ramsbury

Today London’s most popular commuter paper ‘METRO’ published a prominent feature weighing up property in two very prestigious locations: Kensington Olympia London and the village of Ramsbury in Wiltshire.

The Kensington area features some of the most highly desirable, prime London property – owing to its proximity to Holland Park, shops and public transport, period buildings and a mere five minutes from Kensington High Street. You could scoop up a 2 bed flat in this part of the world for £1.1 million.

Alternatively METRO highlights your £1.1 Million could see you move into an appealing five bed Ramsbury cottage. As quoted from METRO “The combination of a scenic location, pretty period houses, commutability and plentiful amenities makes this chocolate-box village an enduring favorite with buyers. ‘Ramsbury is one of the most popular villages in Wiltshire,’ says Rosie Souster of Humberts.”

Read the full Ramsbury Vs Kensington feature here:

Town & Country: Kensington Olympia or Ramsbury?