Hilldrop Parties For Charity

Ramsbury Raven
By The Raven

Party of the Century delivers £50,000 to Local Causes

Local charities are raising a toast this week to the organisers of The Hilldrop Charity Shoot. The event, organised and hosted by Tim Eliot-Cohen at Hilldrop Farm in Ramsbury back in May this year, saw around 1000 guests descend on the picturesque estate for a day’s shooting followed by a night of partying with music, dancing, light shows and a charity auction.

The day was supported by 120 volunteers, half of whom came from Ramsbury and the charities which now stand to benefit from the fundraising. The Shoot was described as one of the most entertaining, innovative and eccentric circuits in the country and amazingly, with 400 guests, is believed to be the largest charity shoot ever staged in this country.

This is testament to the Hilldrop Clay Club and, in particular, to Norman, Mark and Lee Roberts who orchestrated the day’s entertainment.  Equally important were Ian Smith, and Ed and Tim Pope, who averted the small disaster of having no electrics (all of which had burnt out) and the danger of no dinner or entertainment for the 1000 evening guests.  Ed and Tim were competing at the time and had to be virtually bought back at ‘gun point’ to sort it, but sort it they did! What followed surely gets a nomination for the party of the century!

The day made over £300,000 for good causes.  The major beneficiary is Sightsavers, following a visit to Uganda by Tim where he saw the ‘minor miracles’ of children seeing for the first time.   These funds will help restore the sight – and life-chances – of 11,000 people – the equivalent of the population of Ramsbury, Hungerford and a good part of Marlborough!

A portion of the money raised has also been generously allocated to other charities nominated by the Hilldrop committee. Local causes celebrating their windfall include Ramsbury Scouts, Ramsbury Pre-School, the community facilities regeneration charity RAMPAIG, Ramsbury PCC, the Church Rooms, Meals on Wheels, the Ramsbury Luncheon Club, the Recreation Centre and ARK – Action for the River Kennet.  Amanda Horner, Chair of RAMPAIG, said ‘the generosity of the gift was unexpected and it will provide a real boost to our community projects- what a remarkable village this is!’