Friday, April 3, 2020


Ramsbury Raven

Situated on the edge of Wiltshire and Berkshire, steeped in history, Ramsbury Raven is named after a small English village that was once a Saxon metropolis known as ‘Rammesburi\’ or \’Raven\’s burh\’’, on the old west road from London to Bath.


The Raven’s Election Special

WATCH: Hustings in Marlborough at St Mary's hosted by Marlborough Churches Together Missed the big Husting in Marlborough? Devizes constituency Marlborough Husting for the election on...

Ramsbury Pottery

Ramsbury Street Fair


Ramsbury Boundary Walk


The Raven’s Call

In Pictures

Ramsbury Walks

Kennet Valley Walk

Ramsbury Walk - The High Road to the Kennet Valley On a sunny autumn afternoon, the views north across the Kennet from the scarp slopes to the south are spectacular. For a good vantage point, take Bridleway #48 from the Manor, out past Cutnights to where the track forks by...

Local Ramsbury Walks

Ramsbury Walks - Keeping it local Many rights of way take full advantage of our beautiful outstanding natural beauty landscape and surroundings and are a great way of getting out into the countryside. However, there are a number of rather more mundane walking routes closer to home in Ramsbury which we...

Kennet Bridges walk

Ramsbury Walks - The Delightful Kennet Bridges walk This pleasant route can be walked in either direction. There are pubs and parking at each end and plenty of bridges in between. From Axford, there are any number of possibilities to get going: Hopper’s Lane (R#45), Stone Lane, and Crooks Lane (R#9)...

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